Watch JASON RICHARDSON Demolish This Cover of DOOM’s “E1M1”

We all know Jason Richardson can absolutely rip it, but did you know he’s also a pretty massive gamer? Okay, maybe you already knew that too. Either way, the dude has just dropped some HEAT in this brand new cover of the “E1M1” theme from DOOM!


Featuring his new signature Ernie Ball Musicman Signature 7-String Cutlass in Rorschach Red, as well as his Abasi Concepts Larada 8 Malibu Frost and Legion Overcast guitars, Jason’s cover is just about as sick as can be while staying true to the original source material. It’s got those signature Richardson Shreds that we all know and love, as well as plenty of DJUNNS to keep all you djent kids satisfied.

You can pick up tabs to his cover here, stream it here, and follow him online here.

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