The Greatest Cover You Will Ever Watch: STRATA RECORDING Covers “Living Is Dying” By THREATIN


If you’ve been on the internet in recent weeks, chances are you’ve come across the Threatin story. A man named Jered Threatin created a fake fanbase and got a tour in Europe called the “Breaking The World Tour”, using a fake record label, fake press outlet, and a live backing band that quit mid-empty tour (yeah, no shit). It’s all pretty hilarious, but what’s even better is this incredible cover of the first single Threatin released called “Living Is Dying” by Indianapolis-based recording studio Strata Recording. Buckle up.

“But Isaac,” you ask, “how can living be dying? DYING is dying!” Ahh, I asked myself the exact same question before watching this, but the dudes at Strata Recording have thankfully put my mind at ease. There is so much to unpack here, yet drummer Jackson Ward, vocalist Miles Burke, and guitarist John Souki make it all look and sound so goddamn easy. All memes aside, the cover of the song itself is actually very impressive, which comes as no surprise as the Strata team have worked on lots of other sick projects. Even with being a relatively young recording studio, it’s pretty obvious that these dudes have a bright future ahead of them.

Be sure to follow Strata Recording on Facebook and subscribe to their YouTube channel for mic shootouts, gear reviews, and various and sundry audio content. You can see a review they did below of the UK Sound 1173 by BAE, which is pretty killer, especially for a first gear review (and we know a thing or two about gear reviews here).

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