SITHU AYE – “BFG Division” DOOM Soundtrack Cover

Progressive metal’s favorite Mayones-wielding, manga-loving solo artist, Sithu Aye, has put together a partial cover of the song “BFG Division” from the DOOM soundtrack. The timing seems appropriate considering the recent performance by DOOM composer Mick Gordon, Periphery’s Matt Halpern, and Sasha Dikiciyan (Sonic Mayhem) that blew everybody’s tits off.


Sithu Aye is an outstanding player and producer, but he did find it a tad tricky nailing Mick Gordon’s sounds:

“This was also an experiment of sorts in trying to emulate the sounds and tones that Mick gets on the soundtrack…All in all it was a fun challenge to try and recreate the raw, brutal sound that Mick managed to create!”

For being an experiment, he sure nailed the damn thing. It’s also cool hearing something so crushing from a guy who typically does “happy progressive metal tunes.” He touches a bit on doubling all of the guitar parts with synth and using octavers to beef things up in the mix in the video’s description. Be sure to give it a quick read if you’re so inclined.

He even managed to manga-ize a hellish DOOM scene to boot. I think I’d like to see Sithu cover Portal next…

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