RISHABH SEEN Covers ANIMALS AS LEADERS “Arithmophobia” On The Sitar

I wager that not a ton of people out there have a favorite sitar player – I myself can only name a handful. But we at Gear Gods have an easy favorite – the one, the only Rishabh Seen! It’s not just because he slays on his instrument, but also because of his choice of materials. The dude loves prog metal, and as far as I’m concerned, sitar and prog are a match made in heaven. Further evidence of this is his indian classical/prog metal crossover band Mute the Saint, whose debut album is available now.


Animals as Leaders have also recognized this fact, integrating a bit of sitar into their song Arithmophobia, which, I have no way of being sure of this, but it had to have been a result of hearing Rishabh’s many covers of them, right? Tosin shared his videos, he for sure heard them a couple times, and I can’t imagine hearing that and not instantly wanting it on an AAL record.

Rishabh heard the song and thought it didn’t have enough sitar – so he’s slathering it on like sriracha in this EPIC cover of Arithmophobia – only right here on Gear Gods!

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