INTERVALS: This Cover of “Fable” by AMY HAKANSON on a Nyckelharpa (Yeah, That’s Right) Will Have You Questioning Your Life Choices

You probably don’t know what a nyckelharpa is (that’s fine, we didn’t either). Imagine if a violin, piano, and every extended range guitar ever had a few too many drinks, started fooling around after the party, and 9 months later popped out an incredible musical baby. It’s kinda sorta like that. Gross, right? Wrong. And world-renowned nyckelharpa player Amy Hakanson is here to show you just how beautiful the nyckelharpa truly is by playing the dope-as-hell song “Fable” by Intervals. That’s right, this thing can even do Canadian instrumental prog rock. Watch and be amazed.


In full seriousness, Amy performs this song beautifully and captures all the nuances of the tricky runs originally written by guitarist Aaron Marshall. She makes it look so easy, and we can only begin to guess at how tricky these parts actually are to play on this instrument. So for goodness’ sake, go over to her Facebook page and give her a “like”, because she could very well be single-handedly carrying the torch for all the future nyckelharpa players out there. Bravo, Amy!

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