Video games and metal are inseparable. Even early video game soundtracks in their beeps and boops had some seriously metal leanings, and lend themselves extremely well to metal versions. My lifelong favorite has always been the futuristic racer F-Zero, which even in 8-bit sounded like the most epic power metal jams.


There are a fair number of people out there doing metal covers of video game songs, but the best one in my estimation is ToxicxEternity, also known as Jack Fliegler of blackened symphonic tech-death crushers Singularity. Today I have the distinct honor of being a guest on his channel, combining several things I love, shredding a cover of the F-Zero X track Dream Chaser with Jack, which you can see above.

Be sure to subscribe to ToxicxEternity for all his incredible metal covers of video game jams and to my band In Virtue if you like what you hear.

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