Wow, this video looks like a damn Hollywood movie. Rishabh Seen reworks another Animals as Leaders song on the sitar. Enjoy his cinematic masterpiece “Ka$cade” sitar cover. Here’s what he had to say about it:

“Indian music and instruments are very closely attached to the nature themselves, because these instruments are very much organic, dominantly hand-crafted and thus are very lively and raw as for how they sound and are made, and so is the Indian Classical music in which there are ragas (Melody/Scale) based on seasons, time of the day and different human emotions and moods. Hearing this AnimalsAsLeaders’s song called Ka$cade – It always made me feel like it was a call from the mountains, I could just play this song, close my eyes and just could clearly imagine myself being very close to nature and playing this musical piece because it feels so emotional and to me it feels like this piece breathes and makes you feel compelled and emotionally uplifted..I soon realised that what was in my head can be brought to existence and that’s what took me so long to get back with this cover after releasing my previous 4 covers.

I hereby want to acknowledge the entire team for making this possible – Chinmoy Sonowal,Vishesh Vikram Singh, Shashwat Kapoor, our families for bearing up with us being out at odd times and coming back at odd times and a lot of our friends who helped us with a lot though out the process.

This video was shot in ‘Dharamsala’ a place in Himachal Pradhesh (India).

I hope you all let the vibe of this piece of art hit and uplifts you as it did to me.
Enjoy the music and feel free to write/speak to me anytime!
Good vibes to all – Rishabh Seen”

Be sure to head over to his Facebook page for more updates from him, and also go listen to his insane international prog metal band Mute the Saint.

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