13-Year-Old Girl Rips ShrEddie VAN HALEN’s “Eruption” at Sunset Sound


Produce Like a Pro‘s Warren Huart does this rad thing where he poaches young talent from Los Rios Rock School in San Juan Capistrano, California and tracks them in iconic Los Angeles studios. In this particular instance, he found a 13-year-old guitar student who already shreds harder than many of us ever will, and tracked her doing Van Halen’s “Eruption” in Studio 1 at Sunset Sound.

Not only does she nail Eddie’s playing, but Warren also made sure to set up the session to the near-exact specifications in which Van Halen was recorded back in 1977 – in the very same studio, of course. Sunset Sound evidently keeps fantastic documentation of their sessions, so all it took was a little poking around in the archives to set up the console, amps, mics, and even echo chamber the way it was 40 years ago. Pretty fucking sweet.

For more like this, Mr. Huart runs a stellar channel and site devoted to helping up-and-coming audio engineers make sick recordings at home and on a budget. You know what to do.

Also, in case you’ve forgotten, Trey and Warren did a killer video together, discussing their Top 5 pop songwriting tips for us metalheads. Something we can all benefit from, no doubt:

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