Win A REVV 100P MKIII AMP HEAD! MASSIVE 200k Subscriber Songwriting CONTEST + GIVEAWAY

The GearGods YouTube channel is about to hit 200,000 subscribers within the next few months and you just might benefit from it! To celebrate the milestone, we’re running both a giveaway and a contest. Yes, they’re two different things and we’re going to go over both of ’em below.


The Giveaway!

The Giveaway is the easy one. All you need to do is sign up at the link here and subscribe to the GearGods YouTube channel and the Revv Amps YouTube channel. Once you’re subscribed, leave a comment on the below GearGods video (here) about what you think is the greatest song of all time, and just a nice comment on whatever Revv Amps most recent video is. Just something nice, that’s all. All this enters you to win the following:

  • Trey Xavier’s personal Revv Amplification G4 Distortion signed by Trey
  • Enrollment in Trey’s songwriting course
  • A one year membership to the Nail The Mix courses
  • A bundle of Trey’s RelationShapes guitar courses
  • A package of Trey’s Lancaster Audio IRs

The Contest!

This is where things get hard. You need to do all of the stuff you did to enter the giveaway and you need to write a song. It doesn’t matter what the song is, but it’s gotta be the best one you’ve got! The rules for the song are that:

  • It can’t be anything that’s already released.
  • It can’t be anything that Trey has roasted on his Friday night livestreams.
  • While it’s nice if it’s produced really well, clean production isn’t going to win you the contest. Just y’know, don’t sound like an early Darkthrone song.
  • Collaborations are allowed, but the prize pack will go to one person.
  • It must be uploaded to YouTube or Soundcloud and emailed to Trey at

The winner of the contest gets all of the above prizes minus the pedal, plus Revv Amplification G100PMKIII Generator 100P MKIII 10w-120w Guitar Amp Head! The contest begins the day the GearGods YouTube channel hits 200,000 subscribers (it’s at about 198,000 now) and runs for 30 days after. So get writing!

Oh, and don’t worry. Trey explains everything in the video above.

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