WIN a Fender Player Series Guitar of YOUR CHOICE And a Mustang GTX100 Amp!

An amp and an electric guitar – what a magical combination. One doesn’t really work without the other, right? If you’re looking to start playing, or you already play and want a complete new rig, then I’ve got something cool for you!


We’re teaming up with Fender to give away a Player Series guitar of your choice and a Mustang GTX100 combo amp to one lucky winner! That’s a complete guitar rig – with the single most iconic guitar of all time – that you could be jamming on the same day you get it.

The rules? Well, you’re gonna have to watch the video above if you want to learn the rules. We’re not just gonna give away a sweet rig like this for no effort! We’re gonna make you work a little bit. But think of how sweet it will be if you win! Having this new whip show up at your door will make it all worth it.

So good luck, and happy shredding!

Here’s what the Mustang sounds like, in case you’re interested:

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