STRANDBERG GUITARS Competition Voting is Now Open!


As you may be aware, the good guit-fiddle makers at Strandberg Guitars have been running a pretty sweet guitar competion for the last month. For the contest, they joined forces with the Uppsala International Guitar Festival, which takes place in Uppsala, Sweden, in October every year. The festival features performances by Stranberg artists including Sarah Longfield, Jacky Bastek, and Gustavo Assis-Brasil, so it’s totally a match made in Heaven.

The basic rundown is that competitors in the contest were to submit a 30 to 60 second original song for their entry, and the winner gets to pick their very own Strandberg production model to take home! Not a bad gig, eh? And on top of that, the top 3 finalists all get free admission to the Uppsala International Guitar Festival in Sweden this year. What’s there to lose?

Well now, the competition has official closed its doors for any new entries, and has opened the gates for voting! So be sure to take a listen to the entries and vote for the one YOU think should be the winner. You can check out the entries here and vote using the little blue “Vote for this video!” button at the bottom.

If you’re so inclined, Gear Gods’ very own Isaac Stolzer-Gary (that’s me!) made a submission for the competition as well. You can check that out here, and maybe throw in a vote while you’re at it. Please? Please, dear God?

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