KIESEL GUITARS Announce Solo Contest: Win $1500 Towards a CUSTOM SOLO GUITAR and More!


Kiesel Guitars and Basses just announced a brand-spankin’-new solo contest with the opportunity for you to win it big! If you love to solo and shred, this is definitely gonna be right up your alley. Prizes for the winners include $1500 towards a custom Solo Guitar from Kiesel, $500 towards travel expenses to go and hang out at the Kiesel Custom Shop for a day, and more!

Sounds pretty dang good, right? But just how do I enter? Well, the good people at Kiesel put out a super smooth, jazzy backing track for you to solo over. Once you record a video of yourself doing some sick widdly-widdles over it, all you have to do is upload it to YouTube, add some additional info, and wait patiently! The Official Rules list is found below. The contest is running from June 19th to July 31st of this year, so give yourself plenty of time and get soloin’!

Official Entry Rules:

  1. Download the Official Backing Track here.
  2. Record a video submission of your solo and upload it to YouTube with the tag #kieselsolocontest2017 and then post the link to the 2017 Solo Contest Facebook group.
  3. There is only to be one entry per person.
  4. The Facebook Group will vote on the top 5 Entries, and then the panel of judges (Jeff Kiesel along with a few guest artists) will pick the winner.
  5. DO NOT tag Jeff Kiesel, any of the guest artists, or any Kiesel Employees, the panel of judges will see your submission, I promise.
  6.  Submissions are to be entered in Before July 31st, 2017.
  7. (Most importantly) Have fun!


3rd Place: The third place winner wins one box of Dunlop strings and one bag of stock Dunlop picks of the winner’s choice.

2nd Place: The second place winner will win one Dunlop/MXR pedal, one box of Dunlop strings, and one bag of stock Dunlop guitar picks, all of the winner’s choice.

1st Place: The first place winner of the contest will win $1500 towards a Custom Solo Guitar and $500 towards travel expenses to come hang out at the Kiesel Custom Shop for a day, get a personal tour of the factory by Jeff Kiesel, and make a demo video of your new guitar (and jam) with Brandon Ewing. The first place winner will also win two Dunlop/MXR pedals, one box of Dunlop strings, and 800 custom print Dunlop picks, all of the winner’s choice.

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