GOJIRA “Magma” Jackson + EVH Guitar and Amp Giveaway!

GOJIRA are coming out with a new album – Magma. The hype is here – and the hype is real. We’re so hyped that we’re gonna do something crazy, something monstrously huge – we’re gonna give away some gear!


One lucky winner is going to take home a complete rig – a Jackson X Series Signature Christian Andreu Rhoads RRXT (signed on the backplate by Christian himself!), which is a stripped-down metal machine if ever I saw one, and a 5150III 15W LBX Head, which is a lunchbox version of one of the most popular amps in modern metal.

Christian Andreu JAckson Guitar

5150 lbx

The guitar is in the classic Rhoads shape with some features requested by Christian Andreu himself, like a one-piece maple neck-through reinforced with graphite, a compound radius, a single humbucker and volume knob, and a cool little monster design. The amp has two channels — the Blue and Red channels from the original 5150III — and at 15 watts it’s like a Variac’d version of the 50 or 100 watt heads for maximum tone at bedroom volume.

Read the full contest rules here. All Gojira fans and guitarists are welcome to enter!

All you have to do to enter is to fill out the form below before June 17th, which is the day the album arrives and the day we will choose a winner! If you are the chosen one, we will send you an email to notify you. It’s that simple. Seems like a pretty small amount of work for the potential payoff, right? While you’re waiting, you might as well pre-order the album – that way, even if you don’t win the guitar, you’ve still got a spectacular new album to listen to.

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