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If you can walk far away from your amp, does that make your guitar extended range?

[caption id="attachment_11186" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Sorry, this one's not real. We can dream though, can't we?[/caption] Though Konami and Hideo Kojima are

The series' creator may have finally made good on his promise to make his next Metal Gear game his last.

Wes Sleepwalks his way through this demonstration of how to properly use pedals. And how to properly play the guitar.

More ins and outs than before.

Aperture Science - Help Elysian do what they must, because you can.

The Lamb of God drummer's Mapex Warbird is really something.

Can't stop, won't stop - but if you wanna stop by, March 20-23, Orlando.

Mapex's Bearing Edge is on the bleeding edge of technology.

I vote for a rule that all 64-bit plugins have to have "64" at the end of the name, like

I was working in the KeyLab late one night

The best Japanese-American alliance since Full of Hell & Merzbow!