Gear News

For when you just don't have enough fingers!

Also, he's out of Chelsea Grin.

Jared takes a break from djent comedy to demo his new toy!

Looking for a new challenge? Build yourself a fuzz pedal with this kit!

I've heard of a double bass but this is ridiculous.

Yours will probably look cooler than mine.

The Muffuletta fuzz is based on several 20th century classics.

Check out a demo of the company's guitar pre-eq pedal, the Bax Bangeetar

Dunable? I never have.

This would look pretty cool hanging over your fireplace, for extended fire range.

TODAY 4:00 PM (Pacific) / 7:00 PM (Eastern) / 6:00 PM (Central) / 01:00 AM (CET).

The Dillinger Escape Plan's outlet drops in on the gear game.

I'm frankly shocked that Lucky Lehrer, longtime drummer for the seminal hardcore band the Circle Jerks, has been publishing free