The band has recently moved to Kemper Profiling amps.

The engineer/musicians talk shop about mastering, recording, and performing.

A drummer that brings his own mics to the gig is a drummer I can get behind.

A spin on the usual Rigged format. Today, we enter the studio to see how the guitar tone on The

A better look at the vocal tracking process this time, for the band's new record Phenomena

Some fans like gear rundowns with actual amps. Others like seeing amp modellers applied in new contexts. And for once,

Holy hell. Now this is a monster bass rig.

Washington DC's newest doom-mongers shatter the capital's foundations.

Now THIS is how you tell the tale of a rig's evolution.

I mean the album is called Inferno. I can't do italics in the header, or this description. But maybe he

Also, what's the difference between an onion and a bagpipe?

A singer in a smokey room. A smell of wine and cheap perfume. For a smile they can share the

We caught up with the Cynic gutiarist to discuss the new mentality behind Kindly Bent To Free Us, the difficulties

Opeth's sonic palette has shifted again on their new record, albeit more subtly.

Last week we posted the first part of this mammoth interview with Candiria. It was long enough that we hadn't

Except maybe if your amp sucks and you want an excuse to borrow a better one from that other band