We get the details on the band's experimental new EP, Clear, and talk about his new signature pickups and forthcoming

More solid advice for those looking to hammer out some audio. Drum audio. First tip. Don't use an actual hammer.

One Rig to Rule them All is the story of searching for tone. We ask a musician to tell the

We ask one question to several bands to get their feedback.

Recording engineer Eyal Levi tells you what you need to know to get a great drum recording.

I had a chance to talk to the band's vocalist/guitarist/producer Tim Narducci about the tracking sessions, and the band's approach

We asked numerous bands if there was a piece of gear that they use despite not loving the sound

As part of our partnership with Swedish recording software company Toontrack for Metal Month all November, Gear Gods will be

It's a bird! It's a band! It's - post-blackmetal weirdshit?

You will, however, have to keep waiting for "Arctic Flower." That one's still thawing.

I'm always fascinated by origin stories, especially ones pertaining to parts of music that are so ubiquitous we rarely take