Good Morning; Here’s an Hour-Long Animals As Leaders Drum Lesson

It’s not everyday that something this cool is also this free. Coming courtesy of drumeo, an online drum school of sorts, is an hour-plus lesson from Animals as Leaders’ drummer of disgustingly tight chop proportions, Matt Garstka. Titled “Utilizing Systems & Methods for Efficient Practice,” this is, well, a beast of a YouTube video. Garstka is an absolutely insane player – Revocation’s Phil DuBois said of watching him while on Summer Slaughter 2014, “I stand behind him and shed a single tear.”


We report on a lot of drum playthroughs and lesson snippet (and the occasional great series, like Rational Funk with the Bad Plus’ Dave King), but something like this is really exciting. You can’t really get a better taste for what a company like drumeo has to offer. It’s also very cool that Garstka is going so in depth into his practice routine; this is an important topic, especially for drummers whose technique is as refined as his. Check it out and enjoy!

You can learn more about drumeo, and download pdf’s of sheet music from Garstka’s lesson, right here.

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