66SAMUS Unleashes The Tempo Experiment – One Song, Which Tempo Sounds Best?

It’s a simple experiment, that some of us have tried at home many times – which tempo is the best one for your riff? Of course, many riffs work at many different tempos, the biggest limitation is your ability to play said riffs at tempos in the extremes (really fast OR really slow can be hard).


Samus Paulicelli is a mad scientist, and he wanted to figure out what a couple riffs sound like at different speeds, so he sat down and did just that. He takes this song from a moderate 120 BPM to a scorching 333… and then beyond (kinda).

It’s a cool experiment, and I’m glad he did it and not me, cuz DAMN it starts to get crazy tough near the end!

This makes me think of this, which is kind of the same idea in reverse:

It just gets slower, and slower, and slower….

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  • why the avril lavgine guitar wtf

  • Tactical Nuke is, arguably, the best way to end an album.

    I think 160BPM was my favourite tempo for the track. 200 comes in second, then 240, then 270 and so on. 120 comes in last; it was just too slow for the track.

  • 200 bpm was pretty Gojiraesque ( is that a word ? ), so I loved it.

  • 120 is not slow! Start at around 50 bpm. Or give me BPH!

    • Haha, it took me a moment to get the BPH joke. I think that may be how Bohren & der Club of Gore meter out their songs.

  • i think 666 sounds have better kind of metal XD

  • 160 sounded like early 90’s Death, quite like that, 240 was pretty sweet too

  • 240 and 270bpm reminds me a LOT of something Deeds of Flesh would write. It’s pretty nuts and I absolutely love it.

    • I agree, I was thinking Deeds of Flesh and Suffocation as soon as he started playing

  • Tactical Nuke is pretty cool. But how about Brutal Truth’s Prey? I actually listened to the entire thing once.

    • How cute… Try to listen to this entire thing once

      • Try to listen to this album Heavy metal Jazz!

      • Done and done. I actually enjoyed that track. Though I have listened to my fair share of John Zorn. So experimental stuff is kinda up my alley.

  • Slow playing requires different riiffs!
    (Crowbar and DOWN for reference)

  • 1. 160
    2. 270
    3. 240

  • My favorite was 240 or 270, least being 300 and 120

  • 160 was very old school thrash, I liked that most
    333 had the modern extreme feel so I liked that too

  • I dug 200 the most. Had some feeling to. Everything else sounded cool but personally if i had to choose strictly based on musicality then i would pick 200.

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