5 Classic Metal Riffs Made Heavier

It’s a question I’ve often asked myself – if 8 string guitars had been around in the 70’s and 80’s, what would classic metal have sounded like? What classic players would have embraced the ultra low, and how would they have utilized those extra strings?


Andrew Baena wanted to know too, so he took it upon himself to record this mini-medley of classic metal tunes transposed down to F#. It might not be exactly how it would have gone down, but it’s a fun simulation!

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  • This is exactly what I’m talking about when I’m bitching about 7+ string guitars. [Understand this: Anyone can and should use the instruments / tunings that they prefer, I don’t think these guitars should all be destroyed, anyone could and should use them if they want: But use them at your own risk, because …] To me, these iconic riffs just end up sounding sloppy, the notes inarticulate (losing tone, clarity), and sound super muddy. Would these songs have been MORE successful if they had been written on 8-string guitars? Hell no. The actual frequencies have nothing to do with why audiences like them. I think guitarists, young ones in particular, as I was guilty of this, see lower strings and think: Oh shit, that’ll make me sound heavier!!! But, compare this video with the actual songs and I don’t think that’s the difference whatsoever. Lower does not = heavier. Lower = lower, and that’s really it. What makes you sound heavy is the actual written riff and attack in your playing. Examples: Anything in E standard by Dillinger Escape Plan (see: Calculating Infinity) OR Frontierer’s Orange Mathematics album, which DOES use low as hell tunings IN CONJUNCTION WITH thoughts about how to use those instruments to make something new, heavy and low without simply relying on elevator-cable sized strings to do the dirty work of achieving “heaviness.”

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  • Those aren’t heavier. They’re just lower.

  • >8 strings


    >sounds like shit

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