I Went To 70,000 Tons Of Metal And All I Got Was This Sh*tty Vlog


The 70,000 Tons of Metal cruise is for sure the peak experience of humanity. Unless you are actually terrified of the ocean or boats (I’m not particularly into either one as a general rule, but the sheer size of the boat makes it basically moot) there’s no way you won’t have the time of your life on this yearly adventure. This was my second time on the boat, and although I liked last year’s lineup better, I still had a whale of a time. There’s not many places on earth you can sit in a hot tub and sip a chocolate milkshake while watching a metal band play onstage not 30 feet away.

This year I decided to put most of the video I shot into one vlog rather than a ton of interviews, although there are 2 more videos from the boat that will be going up soon – so keep it glued right here for more!

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