PERIPHERY’s Mark Holcomb Will Make Your Heart “Flatline” in This Guitar Lesson

Progressive metal powerhouse Periphery are back yet again, this time with a Guitar World featured lesson by guitarist Mark Holcomb. Mark is known for his use of dissonant and intricate chords that help define Periphery’s signature sound, and he definitely shows it in this video.

In this lesson, Mark walks us through some of the trickier sections of the song “Flatline” from of Periphery’s 2016 release Periphery III: Select Difficulty. This banger is comprised of equal parts catchy melodies and sinister riffage, all of which Mark covers here. He breaks down the parts to make the slidey, string-skipping passages more digestable, while still maintaining their energy and aggression. The band is currently preparing to headline the Sonic Unrest Tour II with The Contortionist, Norma Jean, and Infinity Shred. For the sweet dates and deets, check the tour poster below or head to their Facebook page.

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