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Be a good human: turn your old strings into jewelry and shit.

Girth can be good in some cases, but not this one.

Try saying "buckeye burl bass" 5 times fast.

And you get a signature pickup, and you get a signature pickup, and

The crowned kings of caveman death metal are back with some new dankness.

New practice amp range also includes a handy, little, Bluetooth enabled 'Fly' amp.

Stick Twirl: for people who can't stick twirl, now you can stick twirl.

Out on tour right now with Black Sabbath and Korn.

Take a bite out of the moon with this tooth right here!

Is this a parallel universe where we're all giants?

The future is here and it's full of touchscreens.

Vigier is French for cool guitars

Lots of strings and lots of feelings.