ROB SCALLON Plays Metal in Places Where There REALLY Shouldn’t Be Metal

I like you Rob, I really do. But, let’s face it: You’re a public menace. You’re getting metal into too many things. That lovely couple’s wedding, camping, you even metaled your own arrest for Pete’s sake! I’m telling you this straight up because I care about you. This metal addiction is getting out of control. What’s next, Rob? Metal Sucking? Metal Injecting? When is enough enough? Think about what you are doing to the people who care about you. They don’t like metal as much as you do. It’s scaring them. They want to help you Rob. We want to help you. But we can only help if you let us.

The song that Rob used for the video is called “Jerome”, and it’s on his album, The Scene is Dead. Find it at his store.

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Writer with a degree in Recording Technology. Nothing about my background gives me the credibility to relay any of this information to you. But here we are.