IRON MAIDEN: Get Drunk With Knowledge From This Mini-Documentary on the Making of the Band’s Signature TROOPER Beer

If you enjoy the classic hits of Iron Maiden, and more importantly, good beer, we’ve got some very specific and enjoyable news for you! The band just uploaded a few episodes of the creation of their signature beer, Trooper, to their YouTube channel, and it’s bloody interesting, gov’na.

The episodes form a mini-documentary, detailing the process behind the ale. The beer was brewed at the historical Robinson’s Brewery in Stockport, England, and Maiden’s vocalist, Bruce Dickinson, helps walk us through the process. He and the Head Brewer, Martyn Weeks, talk about the ingredients used, fermentation process, taste-testing, and finally, how to serve one properly. If you’re a beer nut from any walk of life, you’ll probably find this pretty neat.

The first short episode is above, and the second and third parts can be watched here and here, respectively. To learn more about the beer, visit Maiden’s website. Warning: you will feel very English after watching these.

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