Drum Cam

Ben Harclerode's attire matches the attitude of his breakdowns.

FFO: Chon, Animals As Leaders, Periphery, etc.

Check out "H" and "Parabola" from some newly uploaded live shows in 2002.

Live at Saint Vitus a few weeks back.

Jay or Joey? Verdict's still out, according to you guys!

Nathan Camarena rips through "Story" live.

Jay Postones may be the newest metal musician to dip his toes in the music merchant game.

French black metallers have recruited a serious musician to fill their drum throne - evident on his playthrough of "Profane"

Check out a fan-filmed backstage drum cam of "People = Shit."

Check out a playthrough for "Oblivion" off The Winery Dogs drum cam video set.

Portnoy teases "Let the Darkness Come" from the upcoming Metal Allegiance drum DVD.