Ahhh, the 80s. A time of neon lights, hair metal, and Ronald Reagan. Whether or not these things were your jam, you can’t deny the fact that a lot of things seemed a little cooler back then. Well, you may have heard that Fender has reissued their classic HM Strat for 2020, and we just happened to get our mitts on one! But instead of your regular, run-o’-the-mill gear demo, Gear Gods’ own Trey Xavier decided to harness the power of the 80s and write a song from start to finish using the HM Strat! Check it!


Be sure to download the finished track here, watch Trey write a song on Twitch every Sunday here, and join the Gear Gods Discord server for more exclusive content and hangs here. RAWK.

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Senior Editor at Gear Gods living in LA. Just trying to figure this whole music thing out, really.

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