Have You Seen this Death Rehearsal Footage from 1991?

This footage was uploaded a little bit ago but it flew under my radar until former Death/current Cynic drummer Sean Reinert posted it to his Facebook page a few days past. It’s footage of Death way back in 1991, rehearsing for tour with their Human lineup. Well, not exactly the musicians who played on that album, since bassist Steve DiGiorgio’s commitments to Sadus prevented him from performing at Death’s shows at the time, so that’s Skott Carino holding down the low end.


But otherwise the album lineup is intact: the dreamy matchup of Chuck Schuldiner with the Cynic power duo of guitarist Paul Masvidal and the aforementioned Reinert. Everyone has their favorite Death era, and while I have to admit to being more partial to the music on the band’s final two albums, Human was recorded by my favorite collection of musicians to be assembled under the Death moniker. I have no doubt that this particular group of artists, had they stayed together and aged like a stew in a crock pot, would have created even more jaw-dropping tunes. More importantly, this was the first truly classic lineup of the band. You may disagree, but that’s what the comments section is for.

My other two absolute favorite things in this video: Chuck’s short shorts, and Paul’s chill as fuck leaning-against-the-wall vibe. A whole set’s worth of footage is below.

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  • It’s a shame we lose legendary Metal artist like this and Zacky Vegence is still able to breath. Proof that God has a sense of humor.

    • Nevermind that that dude is crazy talented.

  • The short shorts are quite hilarious. I love old footage like this. Thanks man.

  • I was fortunate enough to see this tour as well as the ITP tour.

  • I’ve heard many rumors about Chuck being gay because of his lisp (HAHA)

    and I believed him to be heterosexual.

    However, now that two of his old band members have come out as homosexuals,
    it has come to my attention (no pun intended) that the awesome band Death may collectively enjoy Penis lol

    Does anyone else have thoughts on this?

    Note: I know many say it doesn’t matter but when you have idols, heroes, favorites, you tend to identify with them as much as possible. Again, I say that many people will conclude that sexuality doesn’t matter but if you are a straight guy and you find out that your father, of whom you respect, is gay, it must be somewhat of a similar feeling haha.

    • Who gives a shit?

    • One of the most out of taste and disrespectful thing I’ve heard about a late person. Just shut the F… up and enjoy the music.

    • So if he was gay this would change the way we would feel about his music?…..please explain.

  • so can anybody explain to me, why does Paul play with a broken guitar.. the head thingy is missing… I also saw this last month on their DTA tour in holland.. and have been wondering ever since..

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