Finn Mckenty from THE PUNK ROCK MBA: Are Albums Pointless?


Finn Mckenty from The Punk Rock MBA and Dan Tsurif from Mercenary Management (Zakk Wylde, Black Veil Brides, Goatwhore) tackle a rather controversial topic in this video: Are singles better than full-length albums?

Now I have to be honest, I thought FOR SURE that this was gonna go sideways and we were going to hear all about how the age of art is dead and the playlist generation has completely killed any real need for full-length albums. Guess what? I was wrong and I completely agree with everything that is covered in this clip! As a member of a signed band myself, I have to say that every piece of information that is presented in this clip is INVALUABLE information for all of you younger bands that are trying to get out there and make an impression with the right person/label/manager/fan/whoever.

When my band was at the point where we said “Hey, maybe we should give this whole ‘getting signed’ thing a real shot” we pretty much did EXACTLY what Finn and Dan discuss in the video below and it totally worked. We wrote one song that we invested a lot of time into and then we made a music video for it that was eye-catching and slightly different from something you might normally see. Through this whole process we probably only spent about $1,000 on everything and guess what? It was the single move that ended up catching the ear(s) of several different labels to one of which we are now signed.

If you are a new band, you need to be saving your money, investing your time in a quality tune, and making sure that you are impacting people in a way that will stick (which in 2018 is by keeping it short, sweet, and sick since nobody has an attention span anymore.) Unless you are on the level of a Roger Waters, David Bowie, or Miles Davis right out of the gate, most people aren’t going to care about your 74 minute avant-garde opus if you haven’t already released something short and sweet to get them interested. Also, I’m pretty sure all of those guys that I just mentioned started off doing cover songs anyway which catapulted them into their huge careers years later.

Anyhow, I’ll shut the fuck up finally and hand the mic over to these dudes!

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