Closet Disco Queen Come Out of the Closet

I’ve waxed poetic on this website before about how I was sad to see guitarist Jonathan Nido an drummer Luc Hess leave The Ocean. I thought Luc Hess’ performance on Pelagial was one of the great drum performances (and one of the great drum recordings) of our time, and I was excited to see what he and Nido would continue to bring to the band in the future.


Sadly, it was not to be. But the guys have been more than active musically, as well as with Nido’s record label, Hummus Records. We’ve gotten some music from the guys, in the form of projects like their band with Red Fang members, Red Kunz, which was great, but I’m far more excited for their upcoming project Closet Disco Queen, which I’ve heard whisperings about for a long time.

The band, just a duo, has a short teaser for their upcoming record out now. It’s just a taste, but goddamn it’s great to see these guys back at work making tunes. Check it out below:

Pre-orders for Closet Disco Queen’s debut album are up now via Hummus Records.

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  • Those guys are having a blast of creativity thru multiple projects since they left The Ocean.

  • I think calling Pelagials drum recording one of the best of our time is a over the top… yeah I saw the making of the album with all those room mics but you can’t hear them except for a few quiet parts. Most of the time the room/overheads on that record are kind of buried in the mix/master.

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