ANUP SASTRY Plays a Sick Cover of Slipknot’s “(sic)”

Anup Sastry has gone and done recorded this this awesome drum cover of ‘(sic)’, from Slipknot’s self-titled album. Seeing Anup smash those drum lines really illustrates how a lot of the song’s energy comes from the drums. Especially how the snare phrases the riffs. I also like those subtle fill variations he threw in there too.


Check it out brah.

Anup is one of those people for whom Slipknot was their gateway band. It’s kinda weird seeing modern players cite them as influences, ‘cos if you’re old like me you remember when Slipknot came out. If you were a middle school metal nerd at the time, also like me, you remember how lame and poserish it was to like them. Back then, Slipknot were considered by tr00 metalheads to be just another angsty, mall goth, rap metal band. You know the bands with those silly whisper-build-up sections and edgy, faux-deranged interview personas. Those bands where they’re all like, “I’m not even normal like society wants me to be,” and “I’m crazy. You don’t even know what I’ll do.” But that aesthetic is exactly what was cool for many teens at the time. So, Slipknot ended up being colossally popular and were a lot of people’s entry point into metal as a broader genre.

Though, it shouldn’t be a surprise that Joey Jordison influenced incredible drummers like Anup. As I discovered after completing my ‘metal nerd rehabilitation’ program, Slipknot were actually talented musicians and great songwriters. But, I mean, it is a little weird that a djenty dude likes Slipknot though right? I feel like they would have been those kids more into Breaking Benjamin or something.

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