METALSUCKS Shows ANGEL VIVALDI The Global Impact Of His Music


ANGEL VIVALDI keeps it 100 when he reacts to fans covering his material. Angel’s always been one of the realest in metal media, and I’ve always admired that aspect about him. Whenever I watch or listen to an interview or podcast with the guy, I always feel like I’m hanging out with a close friend (albeit a close friend that doesn’t even know I exist but that’s okay because we’re cool like that).

METALSUCKS threw in a grab bag of covers, from drums to synth, so from a listener’s perspective, it was great to hear different takes on his songs. It’s also inspiring to see the reach an artist has across the world. Many players seemed to be outside of the United States, which should be no surprise considering how obviously huge the world is, but as an ignorant American I often forget that places outside of California exist. Knowing that Angel’s music is reaching and affecting other players, artists, listeners so deeply on an international level is, for lack of a better word, incredibly touching. Angel Vivaldi is currently on tour with NITA STRAUSS and JACKY VINCENT. Check out the dates and get tickets here.
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