AMY LEE Plays Sad Song on Hello Kitty Keyboard

From the people that brought you Zakk Wylde strumming on a tiny pink guitar and Mike Portnoy tapping on a tiny pink drum set… comes Amy Lee of Evanescence, playing a tiny pink keyboard.

The weeaboos over at Loudwire really have an affinity for Hello Kitty. And their idea of a sick joke is having talented musicians play children’s toy instruments. Real mature guys. These are artists, they shouldn’t be subjected to this!

Nahh, I’m just joshin’.

It is cool to see how talent really does shine through, even with poor quality equipment. I mean, you immediately disregard how silly the sound of the keyboard is once she starts singing. This video series is like a crystallised argument against the importance of gear, vs the importance of skill.

The song Amy Lee is playing was originally by Death Cab For Cutie. Or as metalheads know them, “that band always right next to Death in alphabetical listings”. And if the song sounds familiar to you, it might be because it was in that one episode of Scrubs. Remember Scrubs?

The next video I want in this series is Gunface from The Red Chord, playing something from his Unraveller album on a Hello Kitty glockenspiel. Make it so, internet.

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