rigged Tag

Fight Amp axeslinger Mike McGinnis takes us through his beautiful collection of amps and more.

14 year old Trey is pooing himself with glee.

Just cuz you step on something, doesn't mean you hate it.

Put another shred on the barbee, mate!

I'd prefer a world filled with raspberry sauce, but if it's hollow, you can fill it with whatever you want!

Cherubs are anything but cherubic.

We talk to Linus about the gear he plays on the new Alkaloid album and with Obscura.

Growing up and learning about metal, I found a lot of black metal, generally, to be pretty silly. To me,

We check in with one of the noisiest, heaviest guitar players in the game.

There is no such thing as overkill.

We caught up with Arkansas boys Devin Holt and Brett Campbell to talk guitar rigs.

A full rundown of the gear used on the band's new album.

It's cool. No actual vomity fists touch any of the gear.

The tools of the trade for cutting through a wall of sound with each drum strike.