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Members of Lewd Acts throw a little bit of sludge into their aggression.

Zakk Wylde has left Gibson and Marshall to form his own guitar and amp company.

...or even add an effects loop to an amp that doesn't have one. I can think of several great uses

If only marriage equality extended to amps I would propose to that Soldano.

Well this is certainly the coolest guitar tone I've stumbled across recently. Fans of skyscraper-high fuzz tones, inquire within.

Is the JCM 900 unfairly maligned when compared to the 800? After hearing the gnarly tones on Helsinki Savagery I

That footswitch can't be easy to step on way back there

What do you mean I didn't specify which band member in the headline? It's all of them, obviously.

I'm sure they'll let you jam on their gear whenever you want. After all, what's Thine is yours.

Washington DC's newest doom-mongers shatter the capital's foundations.

Also, his philosophy on the difference between a lead and a solo.

Opeth's sonic palette has shifted again on their new record, albeit more subtly.

Lets get nostalgic for some okay-to-terrible sounding amplifiers from yesteryear.