MONTE PITTMAN – Extreme Pick Sliding – Pro Zone Episode 2

Monte Pittman – a legendary virtuoso, solo artist, and guitarist for Madonna – put his skills to work in the Pro Zone, in an episode that we call “Extreme Pick Sliding.”


Thought you were a pick sliding expert? Well just hold the phone there, buster! Monte is here to teach you exciting techniques to take YOUR playing to the next level, including…

  • The Manicure – Stay fresh on the road!
  • The Lottery Ticket – for when you win the lottery!
  • The Jailbreak – for when you’re busted stealing from the lottery!
  • The Pick Slide – for when you pick slide!

Monte’s fantastic new album, Inverted Grasp of Balance – which also features Death drummer Richard Christy – is out now via Metal Blade Records.

Watch episode 1 of Pro Zone, featuring Dave Davidson of Revocation, at this link.

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