DistroKid Announces New “Mastered for iTunes” Service

In a world dominated by smartphones, Bluetooth audio, and streaming services, we as music lovers have all had to come to the unsavory realization that lossless audio is no longer going to be part of our everyday lives. While to most people the difference between a WAV file and a 128 kbps track streamed from Apple Music is negligible, there is definitely no denying the fact that there IS a real difference.


For a while now, certain high-grade mastering studios have been mastering their tracks based on what the audio is going to end up sounding like once it is crushed down to the size that most consumers will be hearing it as. Until now, this “mastered for iTunes” process has been reserved for a tier above the DIY artist. But luckily for all of us, DistroKid now offers this service directly to YOU without the insane overhead that comes with being signed to a huge label.

Read all about the process in depth right here.

If you’re new to DistroKid and have considered signing up, now might be a good time to do so, as you can save 7% off your membership when you use the following Gear Gods link.

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