MYRONE Premieres New Song “Voyager”, Suddenly Things Aren’t So Bad For Three and a Half Minutes


I don’t know Hugh Myrone. I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting him. All I’ve heard are stories, and all I’ve seen are his videos that look like early 80’s Rush clips with a splash of technicolor (including a Share Zone-level clip that Gear Gods lovingly produced – ed).

Myrone’s style has always been on the weirder side of the guitar, usually having some sort of electronic or funk roots, but always as technical as the next guy. “Voyager” takes things a little bit further bringing the guitar to almost unrecognizable sounds for a majority of the video, which Hugh doesn’t even pretend to try to play. Which brings us to the golden boy of this thing: The fucking moves. I’ve never seen a guitar player focus on dancing as much as this guy, and it brings this part to a solid two thumbs up. It’s good to know if this whole guitar thing doesn’t work out, Myrone can be the world’s okayest backup dancer.

Myrone is the epitome of “I’m just doing my own thing.” and it’s really working for him. His videos are a blast, and the songs make you care free like your childhood summers in the country. If you want these vibes for always, get at his bandcamp and get swept away.

Nab your digital copy of “Voyager” and the rest of Myrone’s flawless discography at this link.

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