MAMMOTH – New Single “Entanglements” Exclusive Stream

A mammoth is a creature that was so large, its name is now used as an adjective to describe something that is very large. In the case of Mammoth, the mammoth in the room is the talent of its three members, Wes Thrailkill (Guitars), Aliyar Kinik (Drums) and Yas Nomura (Bass). It could alternately be describing the band’s huge grooves, or the size of their potential future in the progressive music scene.


However you choose to interpret their name, you can’t deny the quality of the music, which you can now have more of, thanks to this exclusive stream from your friendly neighborhood Gear Gods! This is the band’s new single “Entanglements” from the forthcoming album “Deviations“, which will be 7 tracks and 42 minutes of proggy goodness for your mammoth musical appetite, out October 21st- you can pre-order it here.

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