BANGLADEAFY Bassist Jon Ehlers Charges Through This Exclusive Playthrough of “Steam”

It’s not often you get a band that combines the genres of tech, world, and thrash, but when you do, Bangladeafy are the ones doing it right. The brainchild of bassist/vocalist Jon Ehlers and drummer Atif Haq, the NYC-based duo have been making chaotic, avant-garde technical metal since 2009. With the release of their debut LP Ribboncutter just around the corner on September 21st via Nefarious Industries, the group has just released this bass playthrough for the track “Steam”, only right here, on Gear Gods!
As with most of the music from these guys, this track has a lot going on. Although it barely beats the 2-minute mark, the tune pummels you with the aggressive basslines of Ehlers, the hypnotic percussion of Haq, and enough dizzying synth lines to write home about. It’s a banger in the truest sense, and doesn’t let you go until it’s had its way with you, and we wouldn’t want it any other way.

The label had this to say about the band name origin:

“The band’s moniker reflects its two members, merging reference to bombastic drummer Atif Haq’s Bangladeshi bloodline and the physical impairment of bassist/pianist/vocalist Jon Ehlers, who, alongside his two sisters, was born with sensio-neural hearing loss.”

Ribboncutter is out September 21 on CD/Digital, and available on LP in October via Nefarious Industries. Be sure to follow these dudes on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and pre-order the new record on the Nefarious Industries website and through Bandcamp.

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