POLL: What Is The All-Time Best Electric Guitar Company?

With all this talk of the death of the electric guitar going around (bollocks, if you ask me), we at Gear Gods want to know what you, the people, think is the all-time best electric guitar company. The criteria to consider include, but are not limited to: overall quality, price, variety of models, design, customer service, customizability, availability of guitars, quality control, artist roster, signature models, range of models, corporate structure and responsibility, public image, social media presence, innovation, tradition, experience, expertise – the list goes on. You can choose your favorite for any reason, but keep in mind that your vote is important.


We have included as many guitar companies as we can think of – if you think we have omitted a serious contender, please let us know in the comments and we will see about adding it, for now, just make sure to enjoy these Company reviews.

Voting ends in 30 days. You may only vote once.

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