ZENITH PASSAGE Induces COSMIC DISSONANCE on Five-Year Anniversary Playthrough

THE ZENITH PASSAGE just dropped a playthrough of “COSMIC DISSONANCE”, the title track of their 2013 EP. And it still rips hard, maybe even harder since the EP has been remastered and set to be released through The Artisan Era.


The Zenith Passage is another one of those bands whose name I’ve heard mentioned countless times but never got around to listening to. Their reputation preceded them as one of the tightest technical death metal bands on the scene, and you can see in the video above that they definitely are. Absolutely classically inspired, Cosmic Dissonance creates the soundscape for when you’ve been lost in space after trying to fuel up your shuttle but the lack of gravity caused you to drift pass the anchor point by a mere few inches.

Check out The Zenith Passage on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Bandcamp, and Youtube. And check out the bands that have worked with The Artisan Era on their Facebook.

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