SPIRITBOX Find “The Beauty in Suffering” in New Guitar Playthrough Video

Husband and wife dynamic duo Courtney LePlante and Michael Stringer (both of iwrestledabearonce fame) have been hard at work with their first musical endeavor as a married couple. This spooky sounding, more groove and rhythm oriented project is called Spiritbox. And they have just put out a guitar playthrough for the song “The Beauty in Suffering”.


Don’t go into this thing expecting iwrestledabearonce, it is NOTHING like that. iwrestledabearonce always seemed like they were trying anything and everything they threw at the wall whether or not it stuck. Spiritbox has groove, flow, and honest to god some pretty catchy melodies. There’s still a little bit of disjointedness that comes through every now and again, but it’s blended well with the more melodic parts. It’s a really refreshing and exciting sound that I honestly wasn’t expecting.

Spiritbox’s debut EP Spiritbox, is out digitally right now! Find where to get it on their Facebook page, along with merch and other updates.

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