Skeletonwitch Shred a “Well of Despair”

Are you guys excited for new Skeletonwitch? I wasn’t really a huge fan of the band until they dropped a mammoth of an album in Serpents Unleashed, but my interest waned when I heard that longtime vocalist Chance Garnette had left the band.


BUT I am curious nonetheless about the band’s new ep, The Apothic Gloom, which is slated to drop sometime this summer. The release was recorded at Developing Nations in Baltimore by Kevin Bernsten, one of my favorite modern engineers. Kevin’s got a bit more of a dirty black metal touch than Kurt Ballou, so he’s a great fit for the band.

So far Skeletonwitch has released one new track with vocalist Adam Clemens, “Well of Despair,” from which you can check out a guitar playthrough below, via Guitar World. Pretty sick shit as always from the boys.

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  • Completely change my mind on the new guy. He fucking slays! Still miss Chance though

  • That was brutally boring.

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