SERPENT OF GNOSIS: Drummer Darren Cesca Annihilates And Decimates This Exclusive Playthrough Of “The Colorless Capsules”

Up and coming death metal act Serpent of Gnosis are set to release their debut album As I Drink From The Infinite Well Of Inebriation on June 14, 2019 via 1126 Records.


Including members of heavy hitter bands like Black Dahlia Murder and Job For a Cowboy (vocalist Jonny Davy and bassist Max Lavelle, to be exact), these dudes continue to make some of the most extreme and technical metal out there, and that is pretty apparent here with drummer Darren Cesca as he demolishes this playthrough of their song “The Colorless Capsules”! It may be on the shorter side, but don’t let that fool you, as the chops required to play this song as well as Darren does here are truly something else. Watch and be amazed, only right here, on Gear Gods!

About the playthrough, here’s what Darren Cesca had to say:

“This playthrough of “The Colorless Capsules” was shot at my House of Grind Studio after completing tracking of the album. It turned out to be the first single we decided to release. I approached the Serpent of Gnosis album as a chance to diversify my writing while still incorporating the technical styles of drumming that I’m known for. Going with a more grind-based sound, there are deliberately elements of rock, hardcore and thrash drumming that I implemented when composing these parts. I wanted to bring across a bit of raw energy into the music. The song incorporates those elements during the first minute, going from blast beat to thrash beat to a drum fill. Each part was specifically written to help bring out the dynamic of the guitar parts. The changes are fast and furious, so I wanted the drums to help define that for the listener. The last 40 seconds or so of the song was meant to be spastic and over the top, with the drums not seeming to perfectly follow along with the guitar rhythm until the ending groove fully kicks in and the vocals take over for a crushing finale. Follow my YouTube channel for updates of my work and any new videos related to Serpent of Gnosis!”

And as for the drum gear list, here’s what Darren’s rocking:

Spaun Xtreme Series Drums:

  • 10” Tom
  • 12” Tom
  • 13” Tom
  • 14” Floor Tom
  • 16” Floor Tom
  • 22” X 2 Kick Drums
  • 14” Xtreme Series Maple Snare

TRX Cymbals:

  • 21” BRT Ride
  • 14” BRT Hi-hats
  • 18” BRT Crash
  • 17” BRT Crash
  • 10” BRT Splash
  • 12” BRT Splash
  • 18” BRT China
  • 16” BRT China
  • 14” BRT China
  • 17” ALT Crash
  • 16” ALT Crash
  • 10” ALT Splash
  • 10” Icon Splash
  • 7” T-Bell
  • 9” T-Bell
  • 18” Thunder Crash
  • 18” Lightning Crash

Be sure to follow Serpent of Gnosis on Facebook here and to pre-order
As I Drink From The Infinite Well Of Inebriation here.

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