SCHIERMANN Shows Off His Technical Abilities in This Exclusive Playthrough of “Technical Disabilities”


Schiermann is a new voice in the metal music scene, but boy howdy is he making up for some lost time. The virtuoso has been hard at work with his self-titled album, and it’s shaping up to be pretty bangin’. Schiermann was gracious enough to record this little playthrough for the song “Technical Disabilities”. Think of Animals as Leaders, but a little less shreddy, and a little more grooving. If that sounds like your thing, then watch the video and read on.

The song locks it down. The thumping technique is pretty much textbook in this video, and that’s what the driving force is for the whole thing. That’s where the pocket lives. It’s all in the fingers. Where’s the sweet solo you ask? BAM. There’s two of those bad boys in there, and they both are stellar (I’m partial to the first one. Mmm.).

Schiermann has a new album fittingly called Schiermann due out on December 8th. You can preorder it on his bandcamp. The Mann also has a Facebook to check out if you want updates on the album.

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