Mercurio Rising: Eyeconoclast Drum Cam Footage from Stonehenge Fest

Here’s the thing you may not know about Stonehenge: it’s a place where a man is a man, and the children dance to the pipes of pan. Some more trivia? No one will after be able to take that ancient druid structure seriously since Spinal Tap wrote a song about it. Hell, Stonehenge Fest can’t even take place at Stonehenge, or even in the same damn country? Have those sacred hewn rocks really fallen so low? They always appeared so solid, and immobile.


Fortunately Eyeconoclast are bringing some true metal dignity back to Stonehenge, even if they are doing it in the Netherlands. For evidence, below we have drum cam footage of Mauro Mercurio, leveling the shores around “Anoxic Waters,” a track from the band’s recent LP Drones of the Awakening, which was released last year on Prosthetic Records.

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