ANUP SASTRY – “Aurora“ Meinl Drum Festival Video

In this awesome playthrough of Skyharbor’s “Aurora” by Anup Sastry at the Meinl Drum Festival 2016, Anup showcases the awesome tones and burst of Meinl cymbals. You’ll notice the drum kit shaking all over the place throughout the demo from his powerful yet intelligent battery. Smashing it to bits but in a very precise and well thought out way. He even looks like he’s actually part of the drums here, his playing incredibly smooth and natural. With a tonne of clever cymbal work, he manages to really convey the quality of the Meinl setup he uses. Each cymbal works brilliantly in its own right and towards its own purpose, their bright resonance really complimenting the ambient vibe of the song.


If you’re not familiar with Skyharbor then definitely go check them out, it’s a pretty unique story – all starting with a single file on a computer in New Delhi, India. They consist of a mix of members from all over the world, successfully turning their band in to a touring unit, having just finished a European tour.

So to summarize, Anup is rad, Meinl are rad and Skyharbor are rad, go give them some of your time, you won’t be disappointed.

If you wanna know what Anup’s cymbal set up is, it is as follows-

13″ Byzance Extra Dry Medium Hats
18″ Byzance Traditional Medium Crash
20″ Byzance Dark Ride
19″ Classics Custom Dark Crash
18″ Byzance Traditional China (stack bottom)
16″ Mb10 Medium Crash (stack top)
18″ Classics Custom Extreme Metal China

Check it out! Apparently all the audio on the video was mixed by Anup himself. What a talented lad.

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