KAOTEON – Middle Eastern Metallers Inject You With The “Venom of Exalt” In This Exclusive Guitar Playthrough


Lebanon is not a place typically known for its extreme metal scene, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t birthed some serious gems. Kaoteon’s new album Damnatio Memoriae is rife with the sounds of conflict that has stricken their home, but also a determination of a hopeful future.

Guitarist Anthony Kaoteon is all business in this raw and menacing guitar playthrough, beckoning you to come close enough so you can be injected with the “Venom of Exalt” – symptoms include banging your head and researching more awesome Middle Eastern extreme metal bands.

Be sure to pick up Damnatio Memoriae and break your fucking neck today.

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  • Damnatio memoriae is like a venom that grows on you and becomes addictive after several listens instead of boring you. So many things to inject all at once. This is for people who enjoy the extreme side of things that blow your mind.

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