FRACTAL UNIVERSE – “Narcissistic Loop” Exclusive Drum Playthrough


Drummer Clément Denys has done this drum playthrough for the rager “Narcissistic Loop” by his band Fractal Universe, exclusively for us sexy bastards at Gear Gods – get stuck in it:

If you’re like me and have never heard of France’s Fractal Universe, then you need to pull your head from inside your arse and give these boys your time. It’s tricky to describe what they sound like, but they bring a whole heap of styles to the party; there’s some death metal in there, some jazz influences and even some bluesy licks to top it off, one thing is for sure these guys are unique in their own right and bring the GROOVE.

Clement in this playthrough gives us a demonstration of “Narcissistic Loop”, again like his band, he incorporates various styles in to his playing, really complementing the tune and its subtle intricacies. He doesn’t overplay, and sometimes keeps it simple in the right places while at the same time uses some ridiculous double kick work and quick hands to pound out some really effective blast beats. This track is extremely cheeky as well and Clement’s playing keeps those feels alive with some off kilter groove and cool stops dotted around the place.

You can get their new album Engram of Decline here.

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